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Spring is here!

So, it’s time for “Jare Gody.”

In the Slavic tradition, a holiday celebrating the end of winter and the beginning of spring. That festival was celebrated exactly in the time of Spring Equinox. At The End of The Sun, You will be able of Course to see some of the traditions mixed with the story of the game 🙂

For that occasion, we prepared a special screenshot from The Game.  As You could notice nowaday the “Easter” holiday has something common to that really old “Jare Gody” holiday – painted eggs – oldest in Slavic culture symbol of new life 🙂. There are more interesting elements that You will be able to see and experience at The End of The Sun.

“Jare Gody” – old Slavic festival and one of the 4 days where The End of The Sun action takes place.

Why This update is so Short and What We are working now on?

This update is just giving You know that we are working hard on the Game and that the project is live. This is important for us that You are sure that project development is going forward. We are showing only that one screenshot cause we are going to prepare some bigger update in May.

We have many elements of the game that we really would like to show You, but we could choose only a few of them, so May Update will be probably about some fantasy elements of the game (probably characters) We just prefer to show You characters independently than toghether with the environment to don’t reveal where these characters will appear to don’t spoil too much. What We are working now on You could check out in our Earlier Update Here

Hmm, wait… Update in May so what With Release Date?

In May You could also expect another important Update. Information about the Release date. It’s always sad to move the Release Date of the game but Probably most of you guess the game won’t be Release in June as we estimated during Kickstarter Campaign. We answered some question from You about it on our Discord. (All details about the release date will be in May Update )

The main reason for moving the Release date is that when Launching Kickstarter Campaign we didn’t know that We collect funds for additional 2 stretch goals (more puzzles and stories). We also improved the quality of the game a lot (thanks to the funds from Kickstarter) we made gameplay more polished than we planned. What’s more, we expect that after all winter/spring lockdowns because of the pandemic, most players will just want to go outside when The Summer will come so Summer Holiday would be probably the worse time to Release the game.

There are much more reasons why we prefer to move release and make the game piece of Art for You than release it too fast. Thanks to Kickstarter and Your Support we are an independent team and we would like to make the game the best We can. Trust us this game is our job and we are working a minimum of 10 hours per day to make The End of The Sun the best game We can.

You Could check out what we are working on now in the earlier January Update.

In May Update We will share With You all the details why We would like to move the release date and why the game will be much better because of that.

It’s always really hard to predict the proper Release date of the game (even one bigger in-game bug that can’t be predicted during beta-tests could move the release of the game by a week or two) especially in the world we live in now where even beta test needs to be made remotely). Please if You are a supporter and have any questions about the Release date contact us by email: endofthesungame@gmail.com or ask us a question on our DISCORD CHANNEL.

All the details about Release We will share in May Update. To be honest – lately, We will share the exact release date the more correct it will be. For now, We are of course still aiming to release the game this year. (2021) 🙂


Thank You for Your Support!

Please also don’t forget to tell Your friend to wishlist The End of The Sun On STEAM STORE 🙂

We are really really close to 7000 wishlists! Only 25 left to 7000! It Is very important for better steam positioning for a small indie team like ours to have as much as possible wishlists before Release.

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