Hello folks!

We would like to share with You one of the most important pieces of information during our 5-year long development process.

We are extremely happy to announce that The End of the Sun free demo version will be released on steam on the 24th of January, 2023! 🙂

The demo will contain a small part of the full game but as we tested, it still has 50-60 minutes of gameplay. (quite long for demo ) The Demo will also be a part of the Steam Next Festival 2023 February edition. The Demo will include English and Polish full audio language versions.  The full version of the game will be available in 9 languages of course.

We have been working on the demo the whole last month (12h per day and sometimes even more.) It’ll be something really worth checking out. It’ll contain an improved mission that You could watch on our gameplay video + another unrevealed mission.

Do you want to become the Demo tester?

The demo is ready, we just make the final closed tests and fixes. After the new year, we will be looking for testers. Contact us at endofthesungame@gmail.com if you want to take a part in tests! (We are looking for Linux and mac testers too!)

When we are going to release the full version of the game?

We plan to release the full version of the game in Q4 2023. To be honest, we hope to have the game ready for a summer holiday, but the development process is unpredictable, as well Summer holiday is the worst date to release the game and we won’t risk releasing the game in summer (Mostly because all internet traffic is drastically decreased then, most people have a holiday, spend more time outside etc.)

Keep your fingers crossed!

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