Happy Holidays!

We would like to wish You a happy holiday time and a lot of positive and creative energy in coming next year! 🙂

It’s a good time to remind You part of The End of The Sun gameplay video (shared during the start of our Kickstarter) in which we are presenting “Koliada” (Polish: Szczodre Gody) very very old Slavic festivity celebrated at the end of December to honour the sun during the winter solstice. (Connected to “the new birth of the sun” )

Keep in mind that many elements were improved since we recorded that video and we posted Infos about it in our earlier updates. All of it You could find on our game dev Blog here.

You could watch full gameplay here on our Youtube channel.

10 seconds of Your time that could help our game:

We divided our Kickstarter video into 2 parts – Trailer and Gameplay Explanations and uploaded it to Our Youtube Now It will be easier to share it! 🙂 Mostly because in most cases You would like to share one part of it, not the whole Kickstarter video.

We will be very grateful if You leave THUMB UP under both videos and if you have some more time please watch it. (we probably won’t promote it, so getting even a few hundred views under it would be great and improve Youtube video quality that unfortunately depends on views and thumbs up.  )


-TRAILER: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p0jO4FZIO1s 

-GAMEPLAY EXPLANATION: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dPqiG3zcFV0


Game Release Info

Since the last update, nothing changes with our plans to release the game in 2022. But You could read all the detailed info in our Earlier Update Here.

Happy Holidays! 🙂



The End of The Sun Kickstarter has ended Successfully! Now, as the campaign is over, we can offer you to pledge via Paypal and still grab some of the special Kickstarter rewards!


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