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We are writing that update to give You some info on what stage of development is game project and what physical rewards were already shipped. 

We are also writing that update because some of You requested it 🙂 We are trying to write update every 2 months. Our game is strictly story based game, so writing Updates about development more often is very hard, cause even if We work on some graphic assets or part of story We just can’t share it with public. This is Why You always could Contact us on e-mail: endofthesungame@gmail.com If you have any specific questions 🙂

OK but let’s talk about rewards and stage of game development  now:)

Game development progress:

We are now working to finish design of all game characters. It will take us about a month. (We are now working on last one in game hero, Maybe soon we will present some fantasy kind chracters that will appear in the game) We also would like to polish some elements of cutscene systems before We start work on rest cutscenes in the game.  We also would like to polish a little bit characters that You already saw in trailer and gameplay. We also spend a lot of time to making some improved workflow to get better results faster way (thanks to Kickstarter funds we were able to buy additional software that we needed to make our work faster. Thanks for Support again!)

In The Same time We are working on making some elements of game world that We are unable to scan by photogrammetry cause it just don’t exist in real World, like statues, items and fantasy elements of the world 🙂

Work In Progress – Small Statue of Weles – god of underworld

Sorry We can’t show more for now but many elements of the game is not something That could be simple shown(example improving save system, optimizations, gameplay mechanics) also We don’t Want To Reveal story spoiler or all characters before Release.  When some new location or game play mechanics will be Fully ready We will then prepare some bigger update and blog post To Inform You About it 🙂 (trust us We have to share things very carefully to don’t make spoilers, sometimes sharing even one item could reveal too much from the core of game story )

Actual Rewards shipping status:

We sent all T-shirts with The End of The Sun Logo to You already.  We didn’t send only that T-shirts that was in package with Wooden Svarog Figurine. Why? Because all figurines Will be sculpted very soon, So We decided to Send T-shirt + Wooden Figurine Together. If You chose reward without Wooden Figurine and you didn’t received Your T-shirt yet You could contact us on endofthesungame@gmail.com

What about Svarog Figurines We  Have info from sculptor That all should be ready in next 2 weeks We Will inform You When We will get package with figurines in update.


Sorry that We didn’t write update earlier, Sometimes after 2 months of work there could be nothing interesting (from player point of view) to share, cause very often there is a lot of invisible systems for players to implement. Some of You requested that Update and We just wanted to give you overall look whats going on in Project. 🙂

Have a nice Day! Thanks for Support!


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Thank You for support!

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