Hi Folks!

Great NEWS! 96% FUNDED on Kickstarter and still 11 days till campaign end!🔥

Also last chance to get the game in lower price 12$ !

8 copies left!
Can we do it together today? Only 4 % left to success of our campaign 🧡

Yesterday one of our amazing supporters pledged our “Ashter(1000$)” Tier 🙂 Why is that awesome for everyone?🔥🔥

Cause that tier contains “Easter Egg idea” We already chat with supporter and there will be little more than Easter egg! There will be additional cool mysterious puzzle to solve in The End of The Sun… So more cool gameplay for everyone! 🙂

If You Didn’t supported our project yet but you are going to:
  • Please Support game now 🙂 8 copies of  limited 12$ tier with digital copy of the game is still available (We added second batch) and We really need Your support now. Please don’t wait until last hours 🙂 SUPPORT US HERE NOW .

If You already supported project:

  • Please Share our Campaign or Campaign Video On Your Facebook or Twitter 🙂 Don’t Forget to add few words from You During Share like “Hello I supported that really cool Adventure game on Kickstarter, They have now over 96% I highly recommend you that project”  Facebook and twitter members like to know what You Sharing So Description is Very Important
  • By just few Clicks You could do steps from Our community Challenge. Basically You just need to click thumb up under posts or Video 🙂 That’s all.

All that will take you max 5 minutes 🙂 and will help us a lot to reach Goal Together!

Thank you for believing in Our Project! We could now reach also next Stretch Goals together!  🙂


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