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Today we want to share with you how we renovated old farm machines and gave them a new life in our game The End of the Sun!

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If you Would like to Know How we changed that machine in the real world…

Real-life photo

….Into That for you to watch in our video game. Just read that post 🙂

In the game view


So Let’s start

We bought some old destroyed farm machines as well as a few old furniture. Because in our game time is passing, the thing that they were destroyed was quite needed. Why? Because we scanned via photogrammetry both version destroyed ones and after renovation. (You could read more about photogrammetry on our post about characters Creation)

So, this how machines looked like when we bought it. Yes, we know… quite bad. 🙂

(We put the reflex panel under it for better light for the scan)


So We started to paint it, to refresh it look.

Then We decided to add some Slavic patterns. To give it a more unique look.

This is how our machines look after our small renovation.

We also painted an old wooden Table:



After painting


In The Game look

So we could put it in any place in the game world now as you could see on Gif below

In the game GIF

But you will probably Ask, How it is possible that we put it into the game. We made photographs of it and used photogrammetry method to convert it into the virtual world.

With software, we are converting a huge number of photos into a cloud of points and then into mesh than we make a simplified model to use in-game 🙂

Here below you could see how it looks in photogrammetry Software:


And Finally, This Is How blue machine looked before renovation:

and after putting it into The End of The Sun game:

Gif from Unity Game Editor (Loading could take a little bit)


Hope you like it! 🙂

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Ann · 14 May 2020 at 17:50

Wow! Looks amazing:) You have my support on Kickstarter!

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