This is Jakub Machowski from The End of The Sun Team.
On the 6th of May (So only 6 days left) Kickstarter campaign of our game will start!
Because of that, after 3 years of development We shared 20 minutes long gameplay video from The End if the Sun with our commentary.
We are very excited and this is very important moment for us. We would be extremely grateful if you click Thumb Up under video, leave comment and if that is possible share it to your friends. 🙂
It will help us a lot in promotion of the video and campaign. cause as you know we are small team and doing all marketing on our own and YouTube video traffic is bigger if it has more thumbs up and comments.
After 3 years of work in our small 3 people team we are happy to share with you 20 minutes of gameplay from The End of The Sun!

You could add your e-mail below so We will inform you when Kickstarer campaign will start, so you could be one of our first backers and get limited edition of the game or handmande Svarog’s figurine. You Could also subscribe our youtube channel.

It will really help us get more attention on start of campaign 🙂

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